Monday, October 31, 2011

Short Run!

Hey Doods, I thought I would flash this up here again for the coming "Short Run" one day small press expo of mighty proportions in Seattle! At the fest I will have a new mini composed of short church of awesome thought pieces that previously appeared in small run within the pages of anthologies, and some that haven't surfaced in print as of yet. This includes an 8 page color piece that is about another dream Grant winner (familiar from my previous Church of AT dream grant mini).
Above is its cover and an example of within!
Below here is the piece I made that will be at the opening party on the walls of the Fantagraphics Head quarters gallery!!! I may also have a limited run of small prints of this available at my table if you are into that sort of magic! I hope to see you all there and to get rad as always! full details are in my previouse post.
Get excited!!!!

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