Monday, October 1, 2012

Ricochet Thaumaturgy

Be prepared! In the next few dayz there will be the unveiling!!! The curtain will be pulled from the black hole from which the collaborative work of Daria Tessler & myself came!  FROM FROM FROM!!!

In Ricochet Thaumaturgy, Daria & I traverse expanses of the mind arriving at a dimensional crossover space. Within this realm we explore secret inner territories and unearth a new breed of material that would expand the awareness of the most adept space jungle traveler, as well as soothe the wild horses of the rainbow warrior. 

Looking for a party to celebrate this stuff? Then come to SoHitek gallery & get awesome 1st Thursday with Daria, me & all of your friends!!! MAN! Dress up even! Wear a costume or something maybe! YEAH! YEAH!!! Let the season of the witch begin & lets ride it till The Bristles fall from our brooms! BROOMS!!! 

Visit SoHiteK spectekular website for more informatek support!

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