Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Projects PDX / Me & My Gridlords!


Hey Doods, I am totally in a trance of intensity induced by the most insane amount of work I have ever taken on in one month. As you all know I currently have an art show up at the SoHitek Gallery that I made in collaboration with my wonderful magical friend Daria Tessler. That aside I have also taken on the responsibility for making 2 nights of events progamming for the new experimental linear arts festival put on by my friends Dunja, Lisa & Jason called The Projects! I run & organize with my friends Sascha, Emily & new lord Suzette the linear arts performance club night "Gridlords" monthly & so those two evennings are the most exciting and most experimentally focused Gridlords performances Ive organised yet! Its not just more experimental but its also twice the lineup I usually take on in one month! 12 artists will be performing!!! Can you imagine the amounts of emails one sends & reads to wrangle 12 artists to do something incredible!!! PHEW!!! MAN I'm making a million friends & loosing some!!! Its madness!!!
Aside from organizing, I am also involved in a handful of the performances. As things stand I am so far playing with my band Magic Caves (Julia Gfrorer, Suzette Smith? Me) to soundtrack the reading by artist Clara Bessijelle. I am very excited as I am totaly in love with her comic Face Man. I will also be playing a lead role in a dance/ acted performance of Julia Gfrorer's Black is the Color comic as orchestrated by dancer/ choriagrapher Allie Hankins. I will also be performing a multimedia performance of my dream grant comic, that involves actors (Julia Gfrorer, Allie Hankins, Amber Smith, & Alicia with Props made by Wally!) projection, and again my band Magic Caves (me?) performing a sound scape to back it all. This is all happenning while I additionaly co host Gridlords With Emily Nillson, and help set up the show much like Kermit the frog in the muppet show! BUT AT THE IPRC WHERE WE PERFORM THERES NO BACKSTAGE!!! Its going to be pure insanity in the eyes of reality!!! I cant wait!!!
Whats next??? OH I AM DOING IT ALL OVER AGAIN BUT IN SEATTLE!!! WHOA!!! okay Im doing a little less for seattle. BUT WHOA!!!!

Come see it all! This could be the only thing you ever need to see!!!??? Or it could be a thing you see!!!!??? Or! IT COULD BE THE BEST THING YOU EVER SEE!!!!???


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